6 Months of Silence For a Little Inspiration

I haven’t posted on the blog in quite a while. It’s been about 6 months, 6/7 countries, and a whole lot of adventuring. I feel so full of stories and life that I might burst! But, none of it has come with the urge to share at those moments besides the occasional bits on Facebook. Over the last few weeks of treks, I have appreciated some peace and quiet and the disconnect from social media and the constant phone-tapping world we now live in. While the trek was like a super highway to a check on a bucket list for some, the rumor that Nepal is a strainer of the adventurous and beautiful people I love meeting in travels is absolutely true. Despite the crowds some days and the solo hiking, I still left Nepal last week with a full heart. Boy, does that sound cheesy. But it’s so true!

Now, I write again. I’m inspired by the travels (still) and also inspired to show just how important it is to make these travels a part of your life when you get the opportunity. I once heard someone tell another guy, “I don’t travel the world for fun… I do it to make money”, and that made me SO SAD. I mean, think about all of the culture and life and experiences you miss out on with that much focus on money and physical things! But, to each their own, I suppose. And that is another reason today I write about the hobo side of traveling, where you don’t make money, but you do get to learn stuff like washing clothes in a sink because you ran out of clean undies and it’s just too dang expensive to pay for a load in the wash…
Across the last few months, I have met some rad ladies that have also become a significant part of my life. Heck, two of us even have matching tattoos! We can touch more on that in a bit. Across the next few days, I will be getting caught up on these grand adventures my travels have brought me and the people that have made them so memorable. At the start of this trip, I wanted to completely focus on this blog and merge it with my Instagram and push for an opportunity to stay abroad traveling long-term. That has been an up and down battle on whether I will continue or not after it all stopped being for myself and instead for the various companies I have partnered with and the sake of maintaining the following and niche that I built up. Well, now that niche is me (same same but different?). It’s for me, it’s here, and I feel that my intentions are back on track to appreciating what’s right in front of me rather than constantly pushing out posts and pictures and the works. Perhaps eventually I can find the perfect balance, but for now the stories will be out of order, sporadic, and occasionally hilarious. (I mean, I do get in to some ODD positions as a solo female traveler) However, they will always be inspired and coming from the right place. Let’s face it folks, life’s better when its being enjoyed and my writing makes me happier when it’s not forced.
 Anyway, click here if you feel like hearing about some adventures in Nepal, specifically my Everest Base Camp and Kallapatar summit trek a few weeks ago!
And if you feel like getting inspired by some rad women that have impacted everything about the way I travel and live, I also wrote that post recently here as well!
Right now, the links are simply to the homepage, as the posts will be up within the next few days.

Much love from somewhere in the world,


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