DAY 200

“She was so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it.”


This quote always strikes a chord within me. There were many years that I doubted myself, despite portraying confidence. There were moments that I worried about what to say or do so that I would fit in better with a group. I never wanted to be too weird or not conform with everyone’s opinions when I was the odd man out. 
Then I set off on my own. I learned that everyone is a little weird, a little insecure, and absolutely no one really has a clue what they are doing. I learned that embracing yourself and your weirdness will show everyone around you the light and joy you can offer to the people around you. So I went for it. During the last 200 days, I dove in to the deep end. I was weird (a lot, ask anyone), I was ballsy as heck at times, I was timid at others, and basically just put myself out there on the table for people to get to know. I tried loads of things I never thought I’d do in life, and made the best of friends out of it all. 
To everyone in my life over the last 200 days of adventure (and definitely before that too), you have helped me learn to effortlessly be myself, no matter how weird or wild or funny or chill that may be at the time. You have inspired me, tolerated me singing my way through activities, danced with me across beaches and clubs and even in the moonlight (LOVE that song🙌🏼), and been yourself right alongside me through it all. You showed me that every part of me is worth showing the world, and that even traveling solo, I’m never really alone. 
200 days feels like a lifetime with everything we’ve all gone through and accomplished, and I am continuously inspired by it each and every day. ♥️ This is my passion, my purpose, and what I am meant to do. How I’ll keep going or make this all work in the long run is still a mystery to me, but every day is a step in the right direction. I can’t say enough how important it is to chase every dream and whim you may have, because it’s doable and real! So, go effortlessly be yourself, because the world is a smaller place than you think, and we all love you the more for it. 😘
#SoloTravel #Backpacker

From somewhere new,


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