Day 100

It’s kind of crazy, thinking about 100 days on the road… today, I hit it.

100 day out of a backpack.

8 countries, many to go.

I left with a lot of doubt, a lot of faith, and an eagerness that got me through even the scariest moments. Still today, I’m just one girl backpacking through the world and now with a return date over a year out, if at all. If someone ever says you can’t, go anyways. If there’s a spark of inspiration or adventure, chase it. If someone around you needs a little cheering up or light in their life, give it. The world is a better place because of how we treat the people in it.

If you don’t like cheesy posts, I’m not sorry about that either. Because today is a big day. Celebrate your goals and achievements and keep chasing more! Life’s too short not to run after the things that make you happy and pursue your passions.

Happy Day 100 ☺️ Life is good today


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