The Turning of a Page

img_20160216_205212.jpg Last year, I moved to Lake Tahoe with the intent to get in, ski my ass off, then get out for the summer on another new adventure. Despite my slacker attempts to leave, winter in Tahoe turned in to summer in Tahoe, and it looks like I am here to stay for a bit. So, my next goal became do as many fun and exciting things as I could fit in to my day, and summer for that matter… yeah… that’s it… that would be just fine. Hello to my first summer in almost two years! Let’s see how this turns out…

With the goal of “Do Fun S#!t all the time”, the plan was no plan. I started to hike and climb with my dog and that quickly became my summer love. The greatest part of nature becoming my summer love is that the breakup at the end of summer turns back to my love affair with skiing. Now that’s what I call a win. No heartbreak, all the fun… 😉  As I started rock climbing more and more, I found I loved it. Why did I wait 25 years to start?! Despite the delayed start, I finally found something to love about summer. I have bagged 11 summits over the last two months, climbed every rock I can lay my hands on, and run hundreds of miles with my pup. A mountain a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Now, this is nothing new for those who know me well. I’ve always been up for a run or adventure in the mountains. It is time for something newer, bigger, and better. I mulled over the idea of van life for a few months and bounced it off many people I knew quite well. After all, I only slept at my house 6 nights in July! I camped every other night. With a few exceptions, most of them said a resounding no, especially my mom. (Duh, of course I should’ve waited to tell Mom. Sorry, Mom.) Naturally, I decided to go for it based on the resounding no’s and the few people who said “That sounds fun, but I wouldn’t want to…”  I thrive on adventure, and I like the challenge of things that aren’t the norm. Lastly, I love to write, and stuff like this makes all the stories better.

And with that, a new adventure began.  Instead of starting my story with what I ate for dinner and the squirrel I almost ran over, I packed up my things and hopped in the car… However, I had to add a little twist of my own. You see, I’m not the biggest fan of vans. I have a big old Chevy Tahoe that can mob everywhere I take her and has just as much space as a van! So instead of adopting the #VanLife, I made my #Tahome. Tee hee! I use that hashtag on many of my social media posts already since Tahoe is my home, so this adds a barely noticeable pun to it all. Let me be the first to say, I love puns! So the fact that I made a Tahome just adds to the fun of it all. It’s been 4 nights since I officially moved in to my Tahome, and an eventful 4 days at that. There will be certainly be quite a bit to write about, but for now I will share the thoughts that have popped in to my head as I lay on my bed, staring out my window at my view of the lake that is far cheaper than the mansion on Lakeshore…

Home is where you park it? Okay, that ought to sound cliche enough to at least make my Mom laugh while she worries… Or roll her eyes?

Oh boy, I should’ve scouted out where to park at night. Where should I park tomorrow?

I should road trip this weekend…

Does it count as homeless if it’s this well planned out and comfortable?

I wish I could make some Bagel Bites right now.

Netflix and chill has become Kindle and chill. No more TV, a LOT more books.

The most interesting part so far has been explaining where I live. Most of the time, I can tell people Incline Village. However, the small town it is, people ask where in Incline Village. Then I explain Van Life minus the Van and the exciting adventures that accompany it. So far, I get the look that says, “I’m smiling and saying cool to be polite, but really I an frowning on that decision”. Luckily, Tahoe locals get it and love it; well, most of them anyways. The biggest impact to my lifestyle has been the lack of microwave food. While I usually thrive on “cooking” meals in the microwave, I now eat healthier and fresher daily. Occasionally I will whip out the cook set to make a hot meal, but the lack of Bagel Bites in my diet has certainly had a positive impact on life, negative impact on my carbohydrate addiction. But I’ll survive…

So, here’s to nights 5 and 6 and each day after that. I can’t say how long I will last, but the rest of summer and fall will be a brand new day, every day!


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