We Made It!

We made it to Argentina! It was a very interesting ride to get here, and I couldn’t have been more surprised when we finally landed…

We spent the day in San Francisco, eating clam chowder and watching the sea lions. Chase, the talented man he is, can make the exact sound as a sea lion! You think it’s not pretty to hear from a sea lion? You are correct. It also isn’t the greatest noise in the world around the shops on Pier 39! Watching people look around in wonder as they hope to sea an escaped sea lion, however, was certainly a highlight of the day. Laughs filled the air every 10 feet as Chase and I got to become kids again, running from shop to shop and going wherever the wind blew. I have been to San Francisco many times, but walking through the city knowing that this vacation isn’t going to end brought a feeling I have never felt so strongly. Freedom! Joy! It is so much easier to relax and enjoy what is around me when I am not worrying about a work meeting on Monday, imagining class assignments that aren’t finished, or feeling woeful that the vacation is over the next day. Even on regular weekends, I can’t hold that feeling through the entire time off work or school. It’s a fleeting moment of joy soon to be replaced with the anticipation of what is coming back Monday morning. It was the first new experience of this trip, and I hadn’t even left California.

When we got to the airport, our flight was delayed until 11 pm, then again until 12:30 am. That was a long, long night followed by check in at JFK being closed until 12:30 pm. That took away our time to go in to the city, so we made a day of reading and napping. I believe that worked out for the best since I didn’t sleep one minute on the red-eye flight from San Francisco. Our flight to Buenos Aires was the best plane flight I have ever had! While it was 12 hours in the air overnight, we were treated to dinner, free wine, free movies, and then free breakfast before we landed. The seats were more comfortable than my recliner back home, and I got to watch a beautiful sunset somewhere over the Caribbean.

When we got in to Buenos Aires, it was an hour early at 3:30 am. Once again, we couldn’t check in to our flights until 6 am, so we parked at the café and had some espressos. My first impression of Argentina and it’s coffee was a choke! It was the most terrible espresso I have ever tasted! But, it was in an airport, so I won’t hold it against Argentina… 😉 Milk and sugar solved that problem, we were checked in at 6 am, and then delayed again! My patience has grown leaps and bounds just in the process of getting here. We hopped on our flight and after 3 hours, we got the surprise I never saw coming…

Nevada! Landing in El Calafate was like landing next to Pyramid Lake, but a little bluer. Sagebrush was stretching in to more sagebrush, with some plateaus and hills that looked fantastic for chucker hunting. The airport was so small that I am surprised the plane had a place to park. The only difference was the lack of mountains. It was not what I expected at all, but it certainly has made settling in far easier. Now, we are spending a few days here before going to hike the “W” in Torres Del Paine. It will be 5 days of tent camping and long hikes, and I can’t wait!


One thought on “We Made It!

  1. Jess, you will now have to wean yourself and Chase off grandma’s cooking at the ranch. No more bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns and coffee for breakast for a while. No sleeping till ten; no long naps in the afternoon. At least the couchj should have prepared you for some of the sleeping conditions you may encounter. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Good to read your travalogue. Grandma and I pray for the two of you daily. Go slow, stop and smell the roses. Love Ya Grandpa.

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