Moments Lost, Moments Grasped

It’s been 4 days on the road today, and also our last day around family. It’s been really nice to start our travels with a few last days tinkering around the U.S. with family and friends. Tomorrow, we fly out of San Francisco on the red-eye, so we have all day to explore! I see garlic fries, clam chowder, and seals in our future… 😉 On Tuesday morning, we land in New York for an 11 hour layover due to airline changes, so I get to show Chase the shortened (by a lot) version of my favorite parts of Manhattan. I have to say, even with only a little bit of time, I can’t wait to show him the part of my life I have only shared with few family and friends. That city will always hold a piece of my heart, and I hope that in just a few hours, I can show him a little bit why.

When we spent a day and a half in Gardnerville, Chase and I never left my parents place and spent time with family and my dog. She was thoroughly devastated when she figured out that I was leaving again.  I really don’t know which was worse, seeing her heart break or that breaking mine. I wish we could bring her with us, and next trip, we definitely will be. After all, we are chasing winter, and she loves the snow. Next winter, you can bet she will be right there with us!
In Vacaville, we got in our share of laser tag and home cooked meals to round out our family time, and now the new experiences begin. Let’s roll!

What has pressed on me the most these past few days, however, is the importance of appreciating every moment that we live. Tonight, I sat and watched an absolutely beautiful sunset with my Grandpa. I looked over to him and said, “You know what’s funny? The anticipation is NOT killing me tonight. I’m enjoying every minute of right now just as much as I will of our trip.” He agreed, and we talked about the moments that we missed, because we were so excited about the ones to come. I can imagine many, as I’m sure he can as well. Far too often, we get so excited about the things to come, that we forget to appreciate the moments right in front of us. Moving forward, I am so excited for the adventures that lie ahead, and even more excited to savor every moment of it.

Well, this one is short and sweet, due to the fact that we head out early and I am exhausted. But, as of now, our final calls are made, our copies and back up items saved, and our cameras charged. Here’s to a ton of adventures and even more pictures to remember them! We will never stop exploring, and here is my first step out of the country!

From somewhere new, Jess



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