The Trip Has Begun!

As I start this journey, I realize how adamant I was that I would never be able to do it. I couldn’t afford it (I thought), I had a job, bills, and a dog to worry about, and I didn’t think that I could drop everything and go. If there is something that I can show people and share with others as I narrate my travels, it’s that if you get the opportunity, go. It only gets harder as you get older! For those in their 20’s, now is the time. When you budget correctly, give yourself a set amount of time to save, and just buy the ticket, it all comes together! I saved for the last 6-8 months, paid off all of my credit cards, worked hard, and bought a plane ticket (non-refundable at that…).  Now, I am heading out with a set budget, my best friend, and a backpack. This is doable, for everyone, and I hope that over the next few months, I can showcase that in a way that will inspire others to do the same. I never thought I could do it, and Chase helped me realize how I could, when I could, and how to prepare. Let me tell you, that was not an easy task for him!


It has started! Yesterday was our first day living out of a backpack. It was also my first time living out of a backpack. Granted, I have hiked and camped and journeyed around the US, but never while solely depending on a 30 pound bag. So far, I love it. Ask me in six weeks? …We will see. 😉

Reno is now in the rearview mirror as we set off. Today, we are spending the day in my sweet hometown of Gardnerville, Nevada. I haven’t been back in a LONG time, so quite a bit has changed. Driving through town yesterday, I noticed that the high school added an entire building, a new casino came to town, and the old casino has been repainted and revamped in to a building that looks attractive instead of old and musty. My little town looks good! More importantly, I got to see my family and my dog. I haven’t seen my dog in 3 months due to my adventure out in Park City this winter. However, a dog never forgets her owner! When I saw Kaya, she jumped up and tackled me to the ground and just LOVED every second of me coming home. That is the definition of true love, my friends. She filled my heart with so much love and joy! Kaya is the best dog I have ever owned or known. It is nice to know that Chase and I always have that love of a dog to return home to. It also gives us even more reason to come home at all. 😉

If this blurry photo doesn’t scream “I’m so happy you are here mom!!!!!” then I don’t know what does…

On that note, I’m off to scan some things, check in for flights, and play with my dog! Here’s to finishing day 1, enjoying day 2, and setting off on the journey of a lifetime!


3 thoughts on “The Trip Has Begun!

  1. See you tomorrow, Jess. I am excited and very thankful that Vacaville is party of your “heading out” trip. Love you and Chase, Grandma


  2. Jess, I so admire the your willingness to step out of your comfort zone. It is good for all of us to do that once in awhile. Your dog is adorable and so are you! Have a wonderful trip down south. I am excited for you and Chase. Will so enjoy reading your blog, so keep it coming! Kaye


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