Through The Eyes of a Child…

Working with 5-7 year olds every day, I have learned some of the simpler lessons in life that I have long forgotten. Every day, I hear a variety of life rules and lessons that make me appreciate and miss the creativity and innocence of being a kid, as well as the creativity of some parents. Also, I get to laugh!

Let’s take a look at what I have learned thus far…

Dating: When to dump your boyfriend
– If he picks his nose in front of you
– If he eats his boogers
– If he throws things at you
– If he doesn’t like dogs
– If he smells bad
– If he smashes bottles against walls
– If he is mean to you
Well then, thanks kids! Looks like I now have a final checklist on whether I can marry Chase someday or not.. 😉

Foods we can and cannot eat…
“I’m allergic to candy, my mom says it’ll make me explode if I ever eat more than 2 pieces in a day.” – Well played, Mom
“My favorite cookie is an alligator cookie” – When asked about the contents of the cookie, like chocolate chips or peanut butter, the southern child said, “Yeah, I guess there’s some cinnamon, but mostly just alligator.” Looks like I need to visit Georgia…

That’s all for now, but there will be more to come. That, I am sure of.


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