A Walk of Faith…

This is less about fabulous photos and exciting adventures of the day, and more about my path and travels in faith. If you ask my boyfriend Chase, 2 months ago I would’ve said, “A move to Park City is not financially responsible right now” or “There’s no way!”.  Yet, here I am, 2 months later, with almost all my belongings in storage and what’s left situated in a place in Park City. Oh, how the Lord’s plans for me can never be anticipated.
I did not want to leave Reno. I have my ski pass, my family, my dog, my friends, and my precious little time left in the US to spend there. Yet, things were keeping me barely afloat due to a mediocre snow season at best, and my hours at work seemed to be dropping every week. Even then, though, I didn’t want to leave. I loved my job in Reno, and even more so I loved my family and friends. But, my lease at my condo ended about the same time and when I prayed about it, Park City weighed heavily. I lined up multiple job interviews in Park City, yet only got one underpaid, over – commuting interview in Reno. It became pretty clear.
Then the drive came. Anyone who knows me, knows that my car can barely drive 50 miles to Gardnerville, let alone 550 miles to Park City. Sure enough, as I left Reno at 2 am on Monday morning, my check engine light came on after only 100 miles. I stopped, checked the fluids, topped off on gas, and it flickered and went out again, but continued to flash on and off. The entire drive went like that, and I prayed the entire way to Park City. This is no exaggeration,  my friends. I expected my car to clunk out and die by the time I hit Winnemucca! However, I got better gas mileage than ever before, avoided most of the weather that was hitting Nevada and Utah, and finally hit Salt Lake City. That’s when my gas pedal stopped working. Every other acceleration,  my car simply wouldn’t go. After 10-15 seconds of flooring the gas pedal, my car would lurch forward and launch off. It was terrifying as I went through mountain passes to get to my destination! Once again, I prayed my way to Park City on the trust that God would get me there because He wanted me there. This was absolutely right. As I pulled in to the driveway of my new home, my car sputtered and clunked and lurched to a stop when I shut it off. We can all thank the Lord that I am here and not broken down somewhere in the salt flats. When i return to Reno,there is no way I am taking my car back!  I prayed about being in Park City. I am trying as best I can to walk the path that the Lord has laid out for me. Now I have 2 jobs, a roommate who is also strong in her faith, and a ton of snow. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and for the better. It’s been a scary leap hopping up to Park City and moving to South America this spring, but through Christ, anything is possible. My favorite verse in the bible has been ringing true every single day. If there is one thing that has been so embedded in my heart and mind this last year, it’s that trusting God, whether it’s an easy one or a scary one or a seemingly impossible one,  will always end up with everything working out. The Lord will provide, always.

Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to then that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.


From somewhere new, Jess


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