Fresh Snow, Fresh Start…

Today I arrived in Park City to a snow storm and almost a foot of fresh snow. As I sit here typing by the window, the snow is still coming down! It’s going to make for a great week a skiing coming from the Juneuary we have had this winter down in Tahoe. I packed up my car and left in the middle of the night towards Park City without a very specific plan. It involved: Get a job, make money for South America, ski. With all of my belongings (minus the essentials) packed away safely in Reno, this is the first time in a very long while that I have truly felt freedom. I have everything I need in my car, and I can go anywhere! My anywhere, however, must include some snow to lay down some tracks on my skis. I visited Park City a few weeks ago and had one of the best weeks of my life. The snow, the people, the culture; everything felt right. So, when I got a few interviews together, I made the leap of faith and came up for the remainder of the ski season. So far, so good. I have a warm bed, fresh snow, and a job I love.

Faith and my relationship with God has been a huge factor over these last few months. Saving up for an around the world trip is no simple task, and the challenges that come up constantly bring knots to my stomach or the occasional “oh shit, what am I doing?!” moment. Trusting that I cannot control everything, and focusing on God first, and myself second has made things significantly easier. No, my problems don’t disappear, but I have focus, opportunity, and a peace about what I am doing. Trust in God is the biggest factor in the amazing turns my life has taken throughout this last year. I feel like that is really important to emphasize throughout the entirety of my writings. I start every day with God, go through the day with God, and end it as well. With that being said, I look forward to the twists and turns ahead, scary or not.

DV Panoramic_Fotor

The other side of this big move is that I had to leave my dog with my parents back in Nevada. It is still heartbreaking to look in the back of the car to wait for her to jump out after me or wake up at the break of dawn to take her out to play! After all, I am her human and she is my best friend! I was worried that she might not miss me since my parents kept telling me how much she loved being a “country dog” and getting out of the city. However, all of my worries vanished when I received this picture last night:


Apparently she was so stressed out at my absence that she declared it all over my parent’s den! Now, they didn’t take that reaction as well as I did, obviously. Look at that face though, who could be mad!?

Another day, another adventure. Happy Monday.


One thought on “Fresh Snow, Fresh Start…

  1. What-ever! 🙂 I’ve decided to follow this blog and you know what . . . I just so happen to love to write too! Tootsirolls await your return, My Dear, just not in the house . . . Be safe, careful, but more importantly prayerful . . .


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