The Wandering Begins…

Over the past year, a lot of changes have fallen in to my life. This blog has always been a thought in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t going to start until I made the move to South America. Why? Well, that’s when life gets exciting! No one wants to read about boring stuff, right? That’s when it hit me that my life will always be waiting and wondering unless I step up and make it exciting….

The adventures, stories, and photos soon to come are stemming from a few things, the largest step being that I finally am “doing” instead of “planning”. One of the hardest steps in leaving my comfort zone is the action part of planning, as I suspect is the truth for many others as well. I can plan vacations and ski trips all day long, but when it comes to buying the ticket and setting the date to leave everything, I get a fear and excitement so deep that goosebumps pop up on a 97° day! It’s always been a dream, but it’s still scary to take that first step. Taking that step and the ones after that have come with more scary and more anticipation, and more peace.

On that note, today is my last day in Reno, Nevada as I embark on an incredible journey of new experiences, tests on my faith, and travels to places I have only dreamed of up to this point. I have the love of my life, God, and some rusty Spanish at my side. Next stop, Park City. 50 days and I will be sitting on a glacier in Patagonia. Wish me luck.

Reno Skyline

A day on the tracks

Home sweet home


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